Cannabis Oil for Cancer Treatment


Every year one gets to hear that more number of people is getting affected by one or other forms of cancer. Some people might suffer from lung cancer while some may suffer from breast or liver cancer. Whatever forms of cancer from which a person suffers from, overall it is a deadly disease that is taking the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.

Even though conventional forms of treatment are available for cancer, but many people also prefer to opt for cannabis oil for cancer treatment. Cannabis oil is considered to be an effective natural cancer cure. The reason to opt for natural cancer treatment is that chemotherapy is very costly and many people don’t have the financially capability to continue with the long chemotherapy sessions.

However, leading oncologist states that this does not mean cannabis oil should be considered to be a sole treatment plan for cancer. It would be better if one uses this treatment program along with chemotherapy.

cannabis oil for cancer treatment

Can Cannabis Oil Help In Treating Cancer?

Although, the medical fraternity is emphasizing on the use of cannabis oil for treating cancer, some researches denied accepting cannabis oil can treat cancer. Studies clearly showed that cannabinoids present in the oil was successful in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. It becomes possible because of the anti-proliferative property. However, before one gets to learn how cannabis oil for cancer treatment is helpful, one needs to have a general idea on cannabis oil.

Knowing about Cannabis Oil

It is an essential oil which is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant by means of solvent extraction. The dried buds and resins are dissolved in a solution. Once the compounds i.e. cannabinoids CBD and THC get soaked into the solvent it is then strained with the help of strainer. After that the solution is heated and reduced into a thick consistency. On the completion of the process, one is left with the oil. The cannabis oil for cancer treatment can be used in many ways. It can be used topically or injected or taken in the form of vapors.

How The Oil Helps In Curing Cancer?

You might be well aware of the fact that cannabinoids present in the oil is responsible for bringing the death of cancer cells. Even if the process sounds simple it is not like that. Basically, the cannabinoids through the process of apoptosis rings the death bell for the cancer cells. When the malignant cells don’t get their required energy for survival it starves.

As soon as THC of cannabis oil for cancer treatment gets connected with cancer receptor cells, ceramide synthesis increases. It causes a slight shift of the mitochondria. The ceramide also cause a genotic stress on the nucleus of cancer cells. This results in the production of protein p53. The protein distorts the calcium metabolism of the mitochondria. Thus, it obstructs the pro survival pathway of cancer cells.

Cannabis oil for cancer treatment can serve as an effective solution for treating cancer. By restricting the growth and killing them it can help to get rid of cancer cells easily. Thus, it can help a person to lead a healthy life.